Enjoy an unforgettable aquatic experience with the Hydro-Pro Meridian diving set from Bestway. The set includes a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. The mask has protective glasses with UV protection and a flexible anti-leak skirt. The technology of the dry top tube practically avoids any infiltration of water. With a fully adjustable strap, a sticky snorkel tip and flexible fins for more comfort, this set is perfect for exploring the seabed. The Meridian Hydro-Pro diving set is the essential accessory for your next aquatic adventures!


* Safety lens design with UV protective coating
* Soft leak-resistant skirt
* Fully adjustable head strap
* Form-fitted snorkel mouthpiece
* Dry-top snorkel technology prevents virtually all water infiltration
* Soft, comfort-tested fins 
* Adjustable heel strap
* 100% latex free

Contents: One mask, one snorkel and one pair of fins


SKU: 821808250202